Poll: Who Will Win the 2013 Royal Rumble? Results

Royal Rumble 2013 Poster

The poll is now closed, and the results for who you think will win the Royal Rumble tonight are now in. It was a close race between the top two, follow the link to see who came out on top.

Here’s the Top 10 list of likely Royal Rumble winners as voted by visitors to the site since Survivor Series.

  1. John Cena – 14.84%
  2. Randy Orton – 14.29%
  3. The Miz – 11.29%
  4. Other – 7%
  5. Brock Lesnar – 5.38%
  6. Ryback – 5.19%
  7. Undertaker – 5.01%
  8. Wade Barrett – 4.45%
  9. Daniel Bryan/Kane – 3.34%
  10. The Rock – 3.15%

The results are pretty interesting all in all, and are reflective of the way most opinions are going.

John Cena came top, with many believing he’ll use his win to challenge The Rock for the WWE title at Wrestlemania. Orton was right behind him as Smackdown’s top guy.

The Miz was somewhat of surprising third place, while the option for a write-in vote was popular too. Batista was by far and away the most popular of the write-ins for those that are curious.

I’m also a little tickled that Daniel Bryan & Kane received exactly the same amount of votes.

It should be noted that in the past two years whoever has come top of this poll hasn’t won the Royal Rumble. Will things change this year? We’ll have to wait and see.

Thanks to anyone that voted, and don’t forget to keep visiting after the Rumble to see how it’s affected the facts, stats and records.

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8 Responses to Poll: Who Will Win the 2013 Royal Rumble? Results

  1. bharath kumar says:

    this time cena has heavy challenge

  2. WWE says:

    Randy Orton deserves a huge push so he should win the Rumble if not than Wade Barrett and Orton should still become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion in 2013 somehow and fued with Barrett for the tittle

  3. Greg Dunkle II says:

    I hate to see it happen.. But they’ll have Cena win to set another rock/Cena match. I’d love to see t be Ziggler or Benjamin though.

    • royalrumbler says:

      I think I agree. But more often than not they tend to avoid the obvious, sometimes for the better, sometimes the worse. Gun to my head, I still think the Rumble winner will probably challenge for the World title, and they’ll get Cena in the WWE title picture another way.

  4. FEED ME MORE says:

    All Kids voted for stupid super jerk CENA , CENA SUCKS !!!

  5. FEED ME MORE says:

    If Cena wins the Rumble WE RIOT ,

  6. So was there a riot?
    At least we finally have a repeat winner. Everyone from 2002-2012 who won the rumble match were all different guys.

  7. THE SHIELD says:

    Say what u want JOHN CENA is the biggest Ass Kisser in this Industry , i hope THE SHIELD ruin his Title Win at WM 29 interrupting the Match for the WWE Championship because it`s INJUSTICE !!! BELIEVE IN THE SHIELD

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